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The Musings of Miss Cursive - June 14th, 2010

Date: 2010-06-14 03:03
Subject: Go Game 7
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(there's supposed to be a jump cut here, but the damn LJ-cut ain't working with me now)

Forgot to mention around here that the NBA Finals are going on. On the plus side, I still have something interesting to watch, now that the French Open is over and I had no interest in this year's Stanley Cup Finals. On the down side, I'm a Laker fan, and the Lakers are in currently in a pickle right now. 

(This is where I curse and slander the Celtics to no ends. 'Scuse me, this will take a while...)



OK. done. 


The Lakers had their chance to take commanding leads in the Finals--twice, actually. And twice, they've been denied, and now it's them with their backs against the wall. But it's not as dramatically haunting as it seems or how ESPN makes of it. Sure, sports pundits are blabbing about how a 3-2 lead in the Finals is almost a guarantee to win you the whole thing. But then, these are the exact same sports pundits who thought the fucking Cavaliers would be in the Finals. So, you can't really put full trust in them, or in those stats. Some wild, history-making shit has happened in recent sports history, albeit in different sports. The last time I remembered a team up 3-2 in a Finals series in any sport, it went the distance and the team that had that lead lost in game seven. (More on this later.) 

If you're a Laker fan and have seen unusual highs in your blood pressure and/or have had daydreams of slaughtering some people in Boston, you are not alone. 

But let me ease your mind, as I shall lay the following down on you...

*Seven Reasons Why The Lakers Will Force A Game Seven* 

1) The Lakers ain't NO way in hell going down in game six. Not in their house. They're not that stupid or pussy enough to roll over dead now. And certainly not when you have the second reason, which is...

2) Revenge. They still want their chances to beat the C's at their own game, as well as avenge what happened two years ago. No one on the Lakers don't want to lose to the C's again, and revenge should be their prime motivation. Let the hate fuel them.

3) Doc Rivers' record in close-out games aren't that good. It's crummy, actually. In this year's Eastern Finals, he couldn't even put away the Magic after being up 3-0, 3-1, and 3-2. (In fact, the last time his team was up after a 3-2 see-saw playoff battle, it was last year and uh...this happened at the end.)


Watch that record remain crummy as ever Tuesday night. 

4) If David Stern knows his shit, he's not going to piss of the president, who personally chose the Lakers to win. Commish, don't piss off the president! There are already republicans doing that shit to him! 

5) Let's play "Conspiring and Having Fun with Numbers and Facts and Stuff," starting with, coincidentally, the number 5. Five years ago was the last time an NBA Finals game went the distance. The team from the West had star players and a championship-winning coach, who also had home-court advantage in the Finals. The team from the East was a brawny, defensive-minded one, pushing the western team to the edge. But they couldn't win over them in the end.

God, what the hell happened to the Pistons? Maybe their currently crappiness is what they get for what happened in the 2004 finals. 

Plus, the number 5: the number of rings Kobe and D-Fish are in the hunt for. 

6) 11. Eleven years ago from 2005 was 1994. The other time in 20 years that a Finals game went all the way to seven. Ironically, the results from that series up until game 6 look eerily similar to that of this Finals. Ironically, the western team also had home-court advantage here and lost a series lead at one point, and probably had their doubters. But we all know how that 1994 finals turned out in the end.

(Go watch the rest of that series, by the way. It's really fun.) 

Another irony: eleven is the number of rings PJ is chasing down. 

7) 16. The number of years since 1994 to today. Also the number of titles the Lakers are aiming for. Also the number of a Laker player who has his own personal redemption story against the C's--that he can be as tough as them, if not more. 

If there had to be another reason (even if I originally made it a list of seven), it's more revenge. Much more. Funny enough, the past few years the world of sports has seen some great revenge matches. In 2008, Rafael Nadal, after losing the past two Wimbledon finals matches against Roger Federer, finally got his due on grass that year. In 2009, hockey saw a Stanley Cup Finals rematch between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Detroit Red Wings. The Penguins lost to the Wings in six in '08; in '09, after being down 3-2 in the Finals, they managed to prove the doubters wrong, push the series to a seventh game, and win it all in the end.

In 2010, revenge shall happen in this NBA finals. While it's easy to say "fuck the stats," there are some stats to be upheld (PJ's 47-0, for instance) and some stats to shit on (C's 3-2 lead). Then again, stats and facts won't be proven (or broken) until this finals is over. Say what you want about who's got the lead and edge, the championship is not won until sixteen wins (four in the finals) is achieved. The Lakers and the C's aren't there, and while it may be a more difficult for the Lakers to get "2 'mo " than the C's, there is no doubt that the purple-and-gold have the mindset and motivation to get 2 'mo. 
Plus, if this see-saw win-loss trend in the finals continue, then these last games could play out as "anything the Celtics can do, the Lakers can do better." So the C's won two games in a row. Fine. Now watch the Lakers do the same. And what a better opportunity to do so than at home. 

Then again, anything can happen. It's been proven already.
There's a chance that those reasons above, particularly 1 through 4, be proven true. There's also a chance that it could all mean nothing in the end and be proven wrong come Tuesday night. It's best to say that it's best to prepare for either the best or the worst. Make peace with things. 

One win is all that's needed for now. Then we can worry about the next game. For now, let's forget about what the sports pundits will be saying in the morning or those jerk-offs in Boston who may be already planning a parade route. One Laker win is needed for now. 

A year ago today, they were crowned NBA champs and were on top of the basketball world. Here's to a push to remain there.

As much as the Lakers contingent rely on "hope" for the best, to "believe" is stronger. To believe that they can push it to a game seven and win it all in the end. 

It's one thing to "wish" for a win, or "dream" of, oh, Odom hitting the game-winning shot in Game 6 and stuff. But to believe has more punch. 

Another funny irony: ESPN's new movie coming out this week happens to be based around some of the most memorable sports moments in the summer of 1994. It premiers on TV a day after Game 6. It's movie title is about a day that could have a Game 7 this year. (Even more parallels to throw at you: like this year, 1994 saw a memorable Winter Olympics, a World Cup, and an Original Six NHL team break out from a long championship drought. All that's left is for OJ Simpson to do something retarded this year.) Either way, I'm checking it out.

Go irony and 1994

Go revenge

Go believe

Go Game 6 and 7

Go Lakers.

**********UPDATE 6/17****************

It is 1994 all over again. I tell you no lie. Break out the Boyz II Men, babydoll dresses and House of Style shows! It's party time!
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